Hire testifying expert witnesses for consulting, research, and testimony.
Experts Directory

Our network of expert witnesses includes leaders in business, technology, retail, banking, insurance, and more.

Research + Consulting

Gain insight from top retail, marketing, advertising, IT, computers, Internet, software, and online pros in every field.

Strategic Partners

Tap into an award-winning network of research providers and industry consultants to top law firms + Fortune 500 brands.

Expert Witness Directory Services and Analyst Networks You Can Rely On

Expert witness testimony, consulting, and market research from the field's biggest names.

Expert Consulting and Resesrch

Need expert witnesses for your legal matter? Industry-leading trends experts FutureProof Strategies and Scott Steinberg (renowned as the world's leading business strategist) can help you find the right testifying expert. Sample areas our expert network covers include banking, insurance, retail, automotive, computers, software, Internet, toys, video games, apps, online services, consumer electronics, and more.

Testifying Experts

Get research, consulting, and expert witness testimony from leading analysts and executives in your industry.

Consumer Insights

Business intelligence and market research solutions that can help you frame matters in accurate context.

Strategy Consultants

Strategic insight and consulting from advisers to the world's leading household names and brands.

Trend Analysis

From sales forecasts to marketing and advertising strategies, we can help you decipher industry norms.

Today's leading law firms and brands look to our expert networks for insight.
Expert witness directory and network solutions.

Expert reports and testimony by leading industry analysts.

For over 20 years, our expert networks of researchers, witnesses, and industry insiders have helped put industries, issues, and emerging trends in simple terms that every audience can understand.

On the hunt for expert witnesses who can provide testimony or research? Our directory services and network solutions can help. Reach out today to find out more.

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